Publicly available materials for cases under Chapter 10 and Chapter 31 of the CUSMA/USMCA/TMEC are available on the Trade Agreements Secretariat’s e-Filing registry.

Opportunity for non-governmental entities to submit requests to provide written views

Public disclosure of opportunity for non-governmental entities to provide written views pursuant to Article 20.11 of the CUSMA Rules of Procedure for Chapter 31 (Dispute Settlement).

TitleDispute concerning Automotive Rules of Origin – Requests to provide written views
RespondentUnited States
Requests Date2022-01-06
Submitted Request2022-04-05
TitleDispute concerning Canada’s allocation of dairy TRQs – Requests to provide written views
ComplainantUnited States
Third PartiesMexico
Requests Date2021-06-08
Submitted Request

Request for Consultations

Public disclosure of requests for dispute settlement consultations pursuant to Article 31.4 (Consultations) of the Agreement.

TitleUnited States Solar Products Safeguard Consultations Request
RespondentUnited States
Third PartiesMexico
Request Date2020-12-22
Date Modified: